Thursday, April 3, 2008

to russia with love...

Anti-Flag from Aversion

OK, we've been meaning to write about these guys for awhile. But every time we're ready to post something, someone in the real media beats us to the punch (curse you, Scott Mervis!) Go figure. Anyway, we give up - read all about them here:

Anti-Flag/My Space.



Music Preview: Pittsburgh Punks Blast Anti-War Message to the World Thursday, April 03, 2008 By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Anti-Flag: Frequently Asked Questions Thursday, April 03, 2008, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Anti-Flag Rockin' Russia Thursday, March 06, 2008 By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh-Post-Gazette.

Anti-Flag Ready for 'Bright Lights' Date in Moscow Thursday, January 10, 2008 By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Anti-Flag's A-F Records Gives Incommunicado a Boost Thursday January 17, 2008 By Manny Theiner, City Paper.

Not Anti American, Just Anti Stupid American May 18, 2001 Synthesis Interview.

Hey, a quick and easy post for your blogmeister, and for once you'll get some good writing! But don't get too spoiled; we'll be back on the beat next post.

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