Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BurghSTOCK hits 100

On Saturday, March 12, at the Thunderbird Cafe, ekoostik hookah will take the stage for the seventh time under the BurghSTOCK banner as part of its ongoing effort to financially support local non-profits that help previously homeless veterans reclaim their lives.

It will be the 100th BurghSTOCK show. The organization primarily helps fund the Shepherd's Heart Veterans Home which takes care of the men and women that took care of us.

The program is ready to take another step in its growth; BurghSTOCK promises a major national expansion of its work in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, go listen to jam band ekoostoc hookah, who have been one of BurghSTOCK's biggest supporters. Nothing like a little music with a mission.

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