Saturday, December 17, 2011


We geezers were talking about the personalities, or lack thereof, on radio today. And that led us to...

"Pork the Tork," "The Daddio of the Raddio," "The Boss Hound of Ground Round," "Your Platter Pushin’ Papa," "The Pied Piper of Platter" or simply "The Boss Man" who "Porkified the Movers and Groovers, Sound Hounds and Cool Ones" with his "Dusty Discs" that were "On Fire" in his "Spinner Sanctum" or at Porkfest. He "Got the Goods From Out of the Woods," and "No One Was Faster Than the Master Blaster."

Carl and Nancy Janusek recalled one famous scat in their 1991 Echoes of the Past - Porky Chedwick, The Pittsburgh Rhythm N Blues Legend: "This Is the Baron of the Groove, the Sultan of the Move, the Supersonic Megatonic Flash With Static From My Dusty Disc Attic." Let's see Wiz top that rap!

Porky's "Golden Ear, Breaking Hits From Year To Year," would "Shatter This Platter" or "Make Your Liver Quiver." He had "More Jams than Smuckers," and "More Lines Than Bell Telephone." His "Name Isn’t George Washington; It’s Pork Torkington."

He reminded listeners that "I’m Not Sergeant York, I'm Pork the Tork." "The Blonde Wonder With the Record Thunder" has seen "More Hops Than the Easter Bunny" and was a "Head Snapper and Dapper Rapper." And when he said "Blow Your Horn," he meant the saxman, not teens behind the wheel!

His audience would lean on their car horns whenever Porky used his catchphrase, or follow his command to “Stop What You’re Doing and Dance” (which his fans did once on the Parkway).

Porky raved over the air "This Record Is On Fire. We're Burning." The Homestead VFD was notified and rushed to the studios. As he explained, "The Double WAMO: This Station Is So Hot, They Gotta Call the Firetrucks Out."

He shut down the Golden Triangle when he broadcast outside the old Stanley Theater in the summer of 1961. Some 8,000-to-10,000 fans showed up. Downtown streets turned into a parking lot until Mayor Joe Barr sent the cops to ask Porky to desist so they could unclog traffic.

In spite, or maybe because of all that, George Jacob Chedwick has been honored by Congress, the State, and local governments with proclamations and plaques. He was recognized as a pioneering DJ by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. Smokey Robinson and Bo Diddley credit Porky with launching their careers. The Porkfest was held to honor his legacy. And now he’s playing on web radio, a far cry from the 78s he used to spin at WHOD, with TL.

He may be 93, but Porky's still the Boss Man. And remember, "There's No Pain When the Daddio of the Raddio Fries Your Brain."

Dee Williams - Bongo Blues

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Anonymous said...

Porky, listened to him from 1956 or therabouts until leaving Pittsburgh in 1966 for military service. Loved his show on WAMO (AM) and later when it went FM. I have a PORKY collecion of that era, play the CD's in my car. Once on a trip to Mexico remember playing Rocket 88 while cruising down the Mexican toll road on my way to Guadalajara at 100 mph plus. Prentice, now retired in Las Vegas but still visiting da berg.