Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Pittsburgh Oldie...

OK, we're gonna try something a little different today. Old Mon is posting five oldies - the cut off date is 1961; only fifty year-old+ songs need apply - and letting his readers select the top one. Three were chart busters; two were purely local hits. The voting box is on the right; here are the tunes:

The Chaps (Sonny DiNunzio) "They'll Never Be" 1960

The Del-Vikings (Norman Wright) "Come Go With Me" 1957

The Marcels (Cornelius Harp) "Blue Moon" 1961

The Skyliners (Jimmy Beaumont) "Since I Don't Have You" 1958

The Splendors (Herb Marshall) "The Golden Years" 1958

Vote early and often. It's the Pittsburgh way.

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