Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slim Adds Another Notch

Got a note from my favorite cowboy, Slim Forsythe:

That's right, Pilgrim!

Old Slim hits the "Double Nickel" this week. 55 years walkin' the face of God's Green Earth. And I'm throwin' a birthday party Saturday, January 15th, at Nied's Hotel with my pals, The Stillhouse Pickers. We'll serve up a hearty helpin' of old time/country/bluegrass music for starters and then we're thinkin' the whole thing could devolve into an open acoustic jam with lots of other players.

Have you got an instrument that doesn't need an amp? (banjo, fiddle, dobro, mandolin, guitar, accordion...). Bring it along and join the fun. We'll have one or two room mics available for solos and general traffic control.

Come early and watch the Steeler Game. They got four wide screen TVs!

Then, after the game, we'll play that hillbilly music all night long!

Saturday, January 15th@
Nied's Hotel
5438 Butler Street in Lawrenceville
412 781-9853

Slim Forsythe with The Stillhouse Pickers!
Music starts @ 7:30 PM No Cover
Live Concert followed by Open Acoustic Jam

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